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Monday, 12 November 2007

Hello again!!

Hi All,

Beverley has asked me to guest again today, so here I am! After a busy weekend away with my Guides, I'm beginning to feel a bit more awake this afternoon, but apologise now for any spelling errors and nonsense-23 excitable Guides is not conducive to sleep! I've been busy with my brad buddies and more kit-and there's still loads left! The first LO I've created is of my Dads flight in a 1942 Tiger Moth. I used the friends portion of the kit, because the greens and blues went well with the photos, making use of the brads and ribbons as embellishments. My second layout also uses the friends section and shows my labrador Hazel, in her second favourite position in the house-asleep on the settee (her favourite position is her head over her food bowl!!). She thinks she owns the settee, and only relinquishes it with a fight! My last creation for today is a mini book made with the ice-cream portion of the kit. It is a maze book, with extra hidden tags. I've made it for my friend and left the pages unfinished so she can fill it in with all the comical things my 20 month old God-daughter says.

Right, I am off to try and catch up on all the housework and possibly have a sneaky nap too!!!





Looby said...

lovely work Rebecca - and Hazel is sooo cute!!

Alix said...

super stuff rebecca!

Beverley Todd said...

Lovely Rebecca! I bet your friend will love the maze book! What a super gift.

Shary said...

Fab work Rebecca. Love the dog LO. Lol we have a cat like that , try and hoof her out of her chair and she spits at you!!!