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Saturday, 23 February 2008

We got an award!

The marvellous Fabrizio, who has been a good friend to me through thick & thin, nominated the entire CTYD DT for this award - and I gladly accept on behalf of the team. I'll leave them to accept individually on their own blogs! LOL.
So as a team blog & with absolutely NO consultation to the rest of the team (LOL) I nominate Arty Girlz for this award. Fab challenges (which I think most of the team do) & we'll be sponsoring a challenge there early next month!
Congrats to Crissi & Julie AKA Arty Girlz and thank you Fab - you do so deserve this award!


crissi said...

woohoo Thanks Beverly for the award. :-)

Alix said...

awww thanks Fab...and congrats Arty Girlz!!

Shary said...

Thanks Fab I'll put it on my blog now. x

Julie said...

Yay Thanks Beverley xxx

Ruth said...

Aaah! Fab!! Thankyou! Glad you like us!!

Looby said...

aww thanks Fab!!! that is so sweet - I'll wear it on my blog with pride!
And totally agree with the Arty Girlz getting the award - Julie and Crissi do a great job!!