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Wednesday, 18 June 2008

New DT Debut!

I promised earlier to show some of the yummy creations that our new DT girls submitted as part of their entries - a bit late as it is technically tomorrow! LOL.
First Jayne: The first layout is a Cogsmo number - & anyone who uses this very 'boy' range on a girly pic & can make it work has to be worth taking a look at! LOL
Jayne's mini album in a baby shoe is simple but very effective - what a lovely keepsake either of your owns kiddie (as Jayne's is) or as a gift for a new parent - great idea ... & that's what we like!
I have included a third piece from Jayne, solely as it was DS1's choice. Those of you who know him will already be aware that he's not easy to impress but he really liked this one & thought I should pick Jayne on the strength of that alone. Obviously there was a bit more than that to it! LOL. It was the busy black & white with just a little colour that drew his eye (even if it is pink!!!) & I have to agree that it's very effective - and very different to Jayne's other entries.

I loved Laura's Bo Bunny Album - & it was also nice with both these submissions to see a product or two there that we stock/have stocked in the past - Makes it soooo much easier to see what they might do with our DT kit! With Laura's entry, I was really drawn to her mini books - luuuurve mini books! The 'Believe' one is just plain pretty! With the Bind It All book, it's the clever use of tags & pockets that I liked. I love to cram li'l hidden bits in my albums, so seeing something with all those hidden spaces was a big bonus.

So that's what I thought - but I'm sure you'll all have your own opinions & please do feel free to post your comments. Which is your fave???

All that's left is to say a huge thank you to everybody who sent in submissions - it was a tough decision to make and did give me a sleepless night or two along the way! LOL.

Don't forget the GDT Challenge - the deets are here!

1 comment:

jay670120 said...

just want to say firstly thanxs for picking me and for your son having his say lol !!!!
hope you can sleep now its over , i dont think i would like a final say on competitions like that , would want to pick them all lol !