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Thursday, 7 August 2008

The Penultimate One!!!

Day #39 of my 40-Days birthday event ... & the very last round of Guv's Celebrity Squares today.

As you can see ... my baby Auryn, #8, AKA DS4 was holding the prize for the last round ... I announced the winner on my blog yesterday, Stampinc. Now the boy is a li'l obsessed with stickers ... so there's a whole bunch of them on way to Cathy in the USA (TN if that means anything to you ... my American Geography is only marginally worse than my UK knowledge! LOL)
As we are not getting the thousands of correct entries that I'd hoped for each time ... this round is again open to everybody! Get your guesses in by midnight on August 14th for our final draw of this particular event! Good luck to you all ... & thanks sooooo much for joining in my birthday bash ... I hope that you will all become regular visitors and maybe join in with some of our other events in the future.

In case you need a reminder of who we all are: #1 Alix; #3 Guv (that's me!); #4 Elliemook; #6 Sean (DS1); #7 Phoenix; #9 Jay


jay670120 said...

think i'll vote for you GUV number 3 hee hee !!!!

Timi O. Mercado said...

I choose you Guv!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to go for the lovely Sean number 6.


Nina Brown said...

Hi its got to be number 6 Sean he is the only son you hvaen't used yet!!!

stampinc said...

My vote is #3 the GUV.....cuz it's her Birthday..

Annie217 said...

I'm going to say number 6, Sean. I hope changing my mind at the last minute isn't a bad thing. Happy Birthday!!!!

Bibi said...

I'm stubborn - am going to stick with 4:Elliemook. -Bibiana

Ruth said...

I think I oughta say you Guv but I'm going to be stubborn and stick with No7 - ME!!!

V Colbourne said...

I'm going with lucky # 1 (Alix)!! :)