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Tuesday, 8 May 2007

I've Been Blogrolled LOL

I've been waiting a little while for this... & I've finally made it to New York LOL. Well, my Decopatch work has anyway. It is the Blog that I spoke about over at Crafty Moments (april 28th), run by the US distributors of Decopatch. Nicole spotted my personal Blog & asked if she could use some of my stuff on their blog - well I didn't take much persuading (modest little thing that I am LOL) & yep! You guessed it, it's that chair again!! You can see the blog entry here (scroll down to may 2nd) & if you need a reminder of my other decopatch projects, you can see them all here. And if you've not heard enough about it yet, our members only club are getting full instructions to make the top hat in this month's mailing!!

1 comment:

Louise Stevenson said...

YAY for you Beverley... off to look now