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Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Party On!

Had a great time on Sunday, hosting a children's party for Elena (age 6) and nine of her little friends. This was booked waaay before the fire at the shop and right up until the last minute there were still some doubts about the venue - until in stepped Ann at the Carribean Cafe in Ripley's Market (next to my very first shop where it all began over two years ago).
So, Ann supplied the venue & I turned up with my willing assistant, Auntie Jane. The party was great, all the children had fun and Sarah (Elena's mother) looked right at home behind the counter (photographic evidence supplied) LOL. There will be lots more photos but we do need to get the relevant parental permissions before we use them. In the meantime, here's the flock of bird puppets that the girls made and a quick snap of Sarah!

These parties are such fun and are only different to our regular kids classes in that the mums lay on food and a cake. Once the shop is up and running again we will be taking party bookings and opening the Sunday kids club again.

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