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Tuesday, 24 July 2007

I Love Hot Off The Press!

Oh my! There are some exciting things going on at Hot Off The Press!

Fortunately, Paulette says I'm allowed to tell you all, which is just as well cuz I'm not much good with secrets LOL. The first is all about the Personal Shopper Scrapbooking monthly kits:
From September these will include a fabby DVD (plays on PC or DVD player) containing around 90 minutes with Paulette & Sara (who are my favourite ladies on the entire planet!!). The DVD takes you step by step through all the projects with tons of extra hints & tips. There'll be a new DVD every other month. And if that wasn't enough, the September issue also features the brand new 'Use 'Em ForAnything' Pastel Papers with 259 pastel Monograms, 200 pastel brads, 25 pastel flowers and some overlays and ribbons too.

It is only fair to warn you though, the current kit (July) has practically sold out since we took delivery 6 days ago (at the time of writing we have four spare kits). The only way to make sure we have a kit for you is to take out a subscription(to do so, e-mail me), the rest go on a first come first served basis.

You may have heard that we are exhibiting at Sandown Park in September 2007. The most exciting thing about that is that we will be launching a brand new kit from Hot Off The Press. The Stamps Only Club, does what it says on the tin! Every other month, our subscribers will receive a yummy set of Clear Acrylic Stamps & a fabby newsletter full of tempting projects to get the creative juices flowing. This is sooo hot off the press (geddit?) that the projects are not yet back from the photographers! And as it is all totally top secret (oops! I spilled the beans!) I don't have all the details to share yet. If you'd like to be kept informed, e-mail me & I'll tell all as soon as I know!

Oh! OK then! 1 little clue: the first set are Thinga-Ma-Jigs. Not the same as the Thinga-Ma-Jigs Template in this month's Personal Shopper Kit but another big bunch of cool ampersands, brackets, asterisks and other punctuation marks! Images range in size from 1/2" to 3 1/2". Total of 33 stamps.

Ooooh! I've said too much! Better go before I give away any other big secrets LOL

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