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Saturday, 8 September 2007

Recycle, recycle, recycle - Challenge #7

You are all aware of recycling. It's in the news all the time at the minute. It's something I do all the time in my everyday life, even when I'm scrapping. On my desk there are two bins: one for recycling and one for general rubbish - but not everything goes in!!
There are some pieces that I keep. These tend to be the hard plastic packaging that embellishments come in, the little bottle that come packed with flowers - any cute packaging really! I then alter them for presents or home decoration.

After using the very gorgeous Heidi Swapp embellies that came as part of the October 06 Personal Shopper Kit, I was left with the packaging and I created this! I made it for my friend who has her own scrapbooking room. She has lots of kids so this is perfect as the children's dirty little fingers ( because lets face it no child has clean hands ever!!!!!) cannot get all over it. So my challenge to you is go through your scrap stuff and pull out the packaging and see what you come up with!! have fun.
Don't forget to e-mail your entry as there's going to be a little prize at the end of the month for the overall best entry from challenges #6 - #10. The Guv (with a little bit of help from the Magnicent Seven) will be choosing the one entry that they liked the most from all the non-DT submissions! And when you've e-mailed, don't forget to post a comment so everyone can go take a lookie!
Wendy xxx


Ruth said...

What an excellent idea for a challenge! And a lovely gift! Off to have a serious think!

guiderbec said...

Have emailed mine over-an altered cigar box from my K&Co letters. Great challenge, lloking forward to seeing what everyone else comes up with

Alix said...

oooh i think i'll have a go at this...i've been eyeing that packaging all week!!
i'm sure your friend will love the door hanger...i would if you made it for me!!

well done!!

Charli said...

Fab idea Wendy - now this is a challenge! Rummaging for packaging as we type...

Ruth said...

Emailed mine in! Just hope I don't develop a habit of rummaging through bins to find packaging! LOL!