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Sunday, 3 June 2007

Jacobs Ladder

I have been playing with the lovely papers Beverley sent and made this wonderful Jacob's Ladder. Now if you haven't made one of these, you really, really NEED to... they are sooooo much fun!!!
You don't really see them to their best effect through photos, but basically you hold the first block, then with a flick of the wrist the blocks fall down with a lovely click clack sound to show the reverse side.
This JL hasn't had any photos added as it is 'cheer you up' gift for someone who has had a tough time recently. I know, how mad am I giving away yummy things like this?!?!? I just think how pleased I would be to receive handmade gifts, and it makes me smile to think I might be putting a smile on someone elses face.

The basic structure has been made up using beer mats covered with coordinating cardstock and 3 metres of ribbon. I cut the pp into 3 inch squares, rounded the corners and attached them to the coasters using double sided tape. I used the diecuts to embellish the JL, and stamped/hand wrote a couple of inspirational quotes.

Go on... have fun, make a Jacob's Ladder, and why not make someones day and send it as a gift...


Looby said...

This looks SOOO much fun!! I remember these from when I was little - will have to have a go at it now.
Love the colour combinations too!

Monika said...

Janet should find lots of happy things to fill it with.