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Tuesday, 19 June 2007

We're On The Move

Technically we have moved but as is par for the course, nothing has gone to plan. We are in the new premises but the water isn't on yet and the telephone has been cut off (we have it on divert so you can still leave a message for us).

There is a serious amount of decorating to do but I have some willing victims (sorry, volunteers) coming in on Wednesday to do that! The new shop is huge I didn't think so until we got all the stock in but there's just soooo much room, I can't wait to overfill it again LOL. The new playroom (classroom is so formal, don't you think?) is also massive and there's a separate little stock room that's gonna be our very own stash cupboard. Will post some photos when I can, for now here are a couple of the move. We were a bit lazy this time & had a bigger van (a Luton) so it took 1.5 trips and we left lots of the spinners full LOL. No more messing about with transit vans, we'll have a Luton in future!

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