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Saturday, 23 June 2007

We're Back!!

Woo-hoo! opening day was fantastic, it's just soooo good to be back. As expected we weren't really ready but we opened as promised. Many a goody bag was given away, although I'd run out of ink last night so we weren't able to give out any class timetables, new loyalty cards or any of the other bits of paper we usually like to dish out.
Our new signage (which is sooo funky) wasn't finished until late afternoon but was so worth it that we didn't care. I've a couple of pics to share with you: First, here's steve (AKA SizeOne) a local & very talented graffiti artist finishing off his artwork. Second, the finished canopy (I had to stand in the middle of the road to take this one LOL). Third, a piccie of the lovely looby, who came along & helped us for the day. Now this is how we like you to leave us - laden down with lots of bags of new stash LOL.
Look out for a very special competition coming up on the next blog post - you're gonna love it. There will also be a brand new piccie of the shop on our website very soon.

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