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Sunday, 28 October 2007

Waste not, and ye shall want not!

And the card as promised - a quickie with my scraps left over - again American Crafts papers, along with a little christmas tree charm and star brad, both available at Crop Til You Drop, and that gorgeous American Crafts ribbon! Added one of the embossed Christmas sentiments - these are great and add a nice touch to your cards, and they're so quick and easy! Just cut them out and you're good to go! I used a punch, but you could quite easily cut a nice scalloped edge on the open side of the card, then use a hole punch in each scallop, thread a bit of ribbon through and bobs your uncle!


Ruth said...

LOL! Actually he is!! (Bob I mean) Lovely card, so bright, I'm feeling the festive spirit already!

Leigh Russell said...

I glanced at your blog and for one awful moment there I thought I'd missed Christmas!!! Lovely card. I wish I could create beautiful things like that. It must be fun and very satisfying. I'm afraid I'm a bit cackhanded, though creative.