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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

40 Days ... Guv's Celebrity Squares!!

You guys, LOL!! So the majority picked Auryn, my li'l cutie but that was just a li'l bit obvious for the first round, I thought. The guy with the prize was #5, Martin but as only one person picked him, I'm making up the rules now as a go along (cuz its my birthday bash & I can if I want to!) So what we are going to do is this: everybody gets to go through to the next round!! But before we get to that, lets talk winners & prizes ...
Now Martin is a bit of a metal-head ... so the prize is also a bit metal: Check out this bunch of metal embellies, which are gonna head on over to Fiona, who posted anonymously ... so long as she e-mails me by Sunday, July 27th - if not, we'll have 2 prizes drawn on the next round! If you enter online competitions, please do make sure to either give folks a way to contact you (blog links are fine) ... or keep checking back for the results!

1: Alix 2: Dean (DS3) 3: Guv (That's Me!!) 4: Elliemook (Laura) 6: Sean (DS1) 7: Phoenix (Ruth) 8: Auryn (DS4) 9: Jayne (Jay670120)

So, this round will end on Saturday, July 26th at midnight BST & the winner will be announced (I promise this time) on Sunday!!

All you have to do is post a comment and guess who is holding the prize this time - all those that guess correctly will be entered into a draw to win this round's prize & will also go through to the next round!
Good Luck!!


jay670120 said...

im going to guess me number 9 xxx

Bibi said...

I'll go with 4:Elliemook again. And if you need to contact me, my blog is :) Bibiana

Jacey's Mom said...

I'm going to guess #8.
Take care,

V Colbourne said...

I'm sticking to # 2 again... :) Hopefully the second time around it's the lucky square :)

Ruth said...

Okay I'm going for me again!! No 7!

Annie217 said...

I'll choose numero cuatro, Elliemook aka Laura. Thanks!

stampinc said...

I'm still going with Auryn (DS4).
Thanks for a chance.