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Thursday, 10 July 2008

flower embellishment

Flower Embellishment for card or scrapbook page.

Heres my project for today. Its a flower Embellishment . you can make it any size you want according to the sizes of the circles you use at the start and you can just use a few less petals slotted together to make a bud too , You can use double sided paper for a different effect but i used patternend paper from the lucky dip HERE and even add sparkle HERE or doodling with pens HERE ect...Just experiment !!!Lastly I Just need to credit my Scrapbooking friend Cleo Jarvis where I pinched how to do this from her xxx

Piece of 12”x12” Paper or smaller if you are cutting small circles.Circle cutter or Compass, pencil and scissors.Bone folder (optional) BARGAIN ONE HERE sticky tape(opt but helps) HERE

Firstly Cut eight identical sized circles out of 1 sheet of patterned paper.Fold every circle the same way as below …Fold 1 ..Fold circle in half vertically.

Fold 2 ..Fold circle in half horizontally .

Fold 3 & 4 ..Using your previous folded lines as guides fold up the bottom right edge as shown below..Then fold the left bottom edge up as shown.
Your folded circle should look like this ….


Fold the left and right edges into the centre line.
Your finished petal should look like this …

sRepeat same folds to all eight circles then arrange 8 folded shapes so they form a flower shape .See below. I have stuck a square piece of tape to the centre and this keeps my points stuck in place & is easier to arrange.


Beverley Todd said...

Ooooh! I like that - I might find a few of those sneaking on to my pages too!

Alix said...

oooh its like teabag folding...only the end result is cool!! lol ;)

jay670120 said...

its really easy too x

Colette Bate said...

oh yeah .... THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' ABOUT! This flower looks fabulous ... and so easy to create! I love the high contrast between the black/white sides of the paper you chose. This is DEFINATELY going to make it's way onto some future projects!

Great tutorial, BTW!!

elliemook said...

Thnks for this Jay, I saw these ages ago at a demostration and couldn't for the life of my remember how to make them!

Ruth said...

Fantastic, really like those, might have to have a go at them myself!

Beverley Todd said...

Just thought you'd like to know Jay, one of my ladies brought in a couple of these to class today (in pink, my fave!) after using your tutorial!! Cool huh?

V Colbourne said...

These are just awesome! I must give it a try!

Janean Campbell said...

These are alot of fun....