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Monday, 28 July 2008

Guv's Celebrity Squares ... Round #3

Oh dear! We aren't doing too well with this li'l game so far! LOL. Our first winner hasn't been in touch & nobody guessed that #2, Dean (DS3) had the prize this time. Now my Dean is known to be a bit of a charmer ... so the prize he holds is a bunch of charms!
The good news is that we'll be drawing both prizes from everybody that entered round #2 ... and anybody can enter this round ... so we are starting afresh in effect!!
So, using the random generator to pick our two winners (the first one for this round; the second is the re-draw from round #1) from the comments on this post, we have ...
3 5 

Timestamp: 2008-07-28 22:09:26 UTC

Congrats to: Jacey's Mom, who get's the charms & Ruth, who gets the metal stuff from the last round!! Get your snail mail addys to me & your prize will be in the post!!

OK - so this round is open to everybody (whether they have played so far or not!) All you have to do is post a comment by Midnight BST Saturday 2nd August & guess who has the prize ... your choices are:

1: Alix 3: Guv (That's Me!!) 4: Elliemook (Laura) 6: Sean (DS1) 7: Phoenix (Ruth) 8: Auryn (DS4) 9: Jayne (Jay670120)

Check back tomorrow for a sneak peek of something new & exciting!!


stampinc said...

I'm still going with Auryn (DS4)9. He looks like he is up to something or hiding something. (tee hee)
Thanks for a chance at this fun celebration.

Bibi said...

I'm persistent, so will once again stick with 4:Elliemook :)

V Colbourne said...

I'm confused...I thought I picked # 2 last time :S

Beverley Todd said...

Just checked Vanessa & you are absolutely correct - you did! But I'm good to my word, so I'll just add a second bunch of charms - LOL! 3 prizes this time around then ... & everyone still through to the next round.
Will e-mail you for your addy tomorrow - right now it's 2:30 am & I need my bed! LOL

V Colbourne said...

That's okay Bev :) But I thought that I did pick # 2 because I picked him the first time as he'd prove lucky sometime!! Nighty night!

Nina Brown said...

I think its Sean, #6, speak to you soon xxx

jay670120 said...

im going yo go for meeeee again (NO 9) i fancy a crossed out face lol !!!!

Ruth said...

WooHoo, that's me!! Think you have my addy though!
Okay next guess...I'm still going with no. 7.

Annie217 said...

Hope 2nd time is a charm, number 8 Auryn please.


V Colbourne said...

oops, I forgot to enter this time- I was too excited that I won a prize for guessing right last night...heehee (still haven't recieved an e-mail)...hopefully I get a chance at the next one :)