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Friday, 24 August 2007

Alix is entering the building (blog)!!!

Hi i am!!! and i am super excited to be with you all :)

ok so down to basics:

my name is Alix (doh) and i am 34; funny how in the crafting world everyone wants to know how old you are, but there you go...

i live in a beautiful little cottage with the loveliest man in the world, to whom i'm betrothed. we are at the beginning stages of planning a wedding for next its all very exciting at the moment here *smiles very large smile*

what else might you like to know?

i'm deeply engrossed in paper crafting; loving scrapping, card making and altering anything that looks a little *ordinary* i especially love to use my handwriting and doodle here and there...i like to include myself in my work, and i never strive to complete a perfect page/project...if i wanted it to look like a machine made it...i wouldn't have wasted all day doodling, right!!

i also love to garden...although i only have a tiny courtyard and no soil, so its all pots...but i'm sure you'd like to see here goes...

wow, i can't believe that happened first time!! lol
so thanks to beverley for including me in the DT, i hope i live up to expectations, and i hope we all have a lot of fun and fair bit of inspiration along the way...
welcome to all the other new team members too...i look forward to getting to know you asap!
*if you're happy and you know it stamp alot...*


Looby said...

Welcome to the team Alix! That secret garden LO is just stunning!

Beverley Todd said...

welcome alix! Looking forward to seeing much more of your work once you have your first DT pack. And congrats on your pending nuptuals - looby has those too - so it double excitement for our little team then!

Roo said...

Hey Alix! Nicew to see you! That LO is gorgeous but your garden is more so!!

kathj said...

I love your secret garden it is very nice, cant wait to see your work!