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Wednesday, 22 August 2007

The Magnificent Seven!!

Nope! I've not lost count LOL - Five new DT members already announced + Looby = 6. And then there is the absolutely final member of our DT ... Alix Cox!!

As well as submitting some first class designs to us (I hope she will share 'The Secret Garden' with us) she also indicated her understanding both of the level of commitment and the need to be 'visible' within our community.

I particularly love how Alix likes to doodle and use handwriting on her layouts. This is such an important part of laying down that record for the future & giving a sense of ourselves that I hope Alix will be able to inspire many more of us to do the same. Congratulations Alix, I shall be e-mailing you soon!!

There's just one more surprise to come ... At 11.30pm a new post will announce four others to whom we would like to offer a one month guest designer position. These will run, 1 each month from September to December. Sadly, we couldn't take on everybody and these four were sooo close that we wanted to showcase their work anyway, if only for a little while.

So check back in at 11.30pm - it could be you! And do ignore the time on these posts - we haven't hit an 'Alice In Wonderland' moment I'm writing the posts in advance as I'm famous for being late & I guess there's a few people who will be waiting with baited breath. So I'm posting at the right time - but the times shown are when they were saved as drafts LOL.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness...that's me!!!!

wooo's and hooo's in a most inappropriate manner for this time of night!!

can't wait to get started...just hope i can live up to the hype! hee hee

super excited, thanks so much, alix

Nina said...

well done Alix, look forward to seeing what you do with your DT packs

Looby said...

you wooo and hooo as much as you like Alix!!! Great to have you on board!

Roo said...

Congratulations Alix, I know the feeling, I'll WooHoo if you will!!!?