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Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Did You Make It?

The new DT will be announced today & we are gonna break all the rules!! So we are going to tell the world what it was about each submission that helped us make up our minds. At first glance, it seems like all we had to do was pick the projects we liked - but not so, that would give us a DT of over 20 people LOL. The fact is that for this call (and all others I suspect) the standard was so high that we had to use lots of other criteria to make a choice.
Sadly, a few entrants didn't follow the rules. So unless the work was soooo outstanding we couldn't ignore it, those entries didn't get any further. For future reference folks, follow the rules LOL.
So, having established the entries we liked, we followed up links to galleries, blogs etc & looked at intro letters & the craft bios supplied. Some gave us a real 'feel' for the person behind the e-mail - others didn't. Then the whole lot was printed off, notes added & carted into the store.

Looby had the dubious pleasure of helping me decide (so if it all goes horribly wrong - I have someone to blame LOL). This involved copious amounts of tea (for me - Looby doesn't really drink tea) & several petits pain au chocolat with a few croissants thrown in for good measure!

I'm happy to say, Looby is gonna stay on the DT for a while longer (don't think she'd let me get rid of her even if I wanted LOL) and, quite frankly, I couldn't manage without her! We are gonna announce our five new DT members, one at a time every hour from 6pm. See you then!


Looby said...

Of course you can't get rid of me - who would annoy you then?! LOL

Samm said...

Congrats to everyone!!!!

Heehehehe Lou!!! you're staying put!:)